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Experience Kit ( 2 X 2 ml )

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Try any 2 scents with this trial bundle!

Our gel-oil base is non-sticky or excessively oily, compared to other conventional oil-based perfumes. We are absolutely loving it!

Customer Reviews

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Jo Mark
Like in a Relaxing Spa

Bought the mini Experience Kit to try out In Full Bloom and In The Zen. Really love the scents of both as they make me feel like I am in a spa especially In The Zen! Definitely scents that will give you a sense of calmness and relaxation. Will get the full sized bottle soon!

Test Kits

Really loving the test kits cause it gave me the option to choose which one I wanted to get in their full size. I went with In the Zen. Really enjoying the concept of the rollers as in the past I would aim in the wrong direction. It's been quite a while since I stopped using generic perfumes, so EO perfumes made by Fleur Apothecary really hits close to the heart for me :)

I am actually pretty shocked 😳

positively shocked, at first i was using them at it wasn't that strong im not sure why.. i roll it on my skin repeatedly but it barely comes out.. not sure if the ball bearings isnt fully coated with the cologne or not. But after a few days of using it like 3/4 day only then i get strong scent when rolling it on my skin. so that’s that.
With the overall product im very satisfied i didnt get any burn or anything bad. Very please of how it smell in the long run.
So yes i would definitely buy more from you guys trying the experience kit again but with different scents. Honestly i would appreciate if you guys give me a discount for my next purchase.. and you guys can contact me directly and ask about my experience with the product 😊 i’m willing to help to improve your product line and see you guys doing better !!
Thank you for your time i truly appreciate it ❤️

Trial Kit

Wasn't sure which scent I wanted to get so this is great for anyone who's unsure and want to try before committing to a full bottle. The 2ml bottle lasts longer than I expected too.