Fleur Apothecary

Our Promise

100% Plant-based and Hypoallergenic !

Both safe and nourishing for  your skin and health.
We work tirelessly to seek alternatives to harmful chemical ingredients in the fragrance and bodycare industry.
Formulated and made in our labs, we bring you only top-quality products!

According to research done by the Environmental Working Group,

Many chemicals used to in the current fragrance market have been found to be:
  • Allergens
  • Hormone Disruptors
  • Triggers Asthma
  • Toxic to brain cells (Neurotoxins)
  • Has capacity to cause cancer in humans (Carcinogens)

The punchline :

Most Current Fragrances in Perfumes & Bodycare Are Highly Toxic !



Fleur, values Authenticity, Transparency & Resiliency.

By sourcing authentic therapeutic-grade essential oil and skin friendly plant-based ingredients, we ensure you that all our products are truly nurturing for your skin and wellbeing - mainly focusing on maintaining and restoring your skin barrier.
We also try to keep our ingredient list as straight-forward as possible, so you know exactly what ingredients are being used on your skin and health.
All our bodycare are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

No synthetic fragrance, harmful chemical, or unnatural component of any kind is added during any stage of the distillation process.